I Love Bunts


We need to make bunts great again, not just for the sacrifice to move your man over but for the free bag. For the on base percentage for the agony of a pitcher who just got his pitch squared up to the tune of 17 mph and can do nothing but watch.

Granted it’s mostly only for the power hitting lefty or the surprising speedster but goddamn is it so satisfying to watch. Kyle Schwarber is batting .818 lifetime when attempting to bunt. It’s a free base, literally. Maybe Chris Davis and Joey Gallo could learn something, Matt Olson did.

I know that where Joey Gallo plans on hitting the ball the shift cant stop that but at the same time how much does boom or bust hurt his team. First player to ever hit 100 dingers before 100 singles is incredible but if you’re down 4 runs a solo moon shot doesnt help your team a ton. Hitting is hard, bunting is hard but you cant tell me with three tries as a professional ball player you cant put the ball in this space.

Call me old school but I dont think eliminating one third of the field is a great move when it’s this hard to get hits in the league. THERE ARE 5 RIGHT FIELDERS.




I have never once seen a more Mets win. Noah Syndergaard took the mound today and pitched an absolute gem. Complete game shutout, 10 punchouts, 2 walks and only 4 hits. Luckily Noah can also rake otherwise this game would have gone to extra innings. What a time for the offense to take a vacation, the Mets have scored one run in the last 19 innings and that was from the pitcher.

Thor also joins Johan Santana and Pete Falcone as the only Mets pitcher to pitch a complete game shutout and hit a dinger. Even more impressive becomes the first pitcher to pitch a 1-0 CGSO and homer since 1983, this feat has only been recorded 7 other times in all of baseball. Who needs no hitters? Not Noah Syndergaard apparently. A win is a win but this series has been ugly, welcome to the dog days of summer Mets fans, even if it’s only May.


Always Dumb Beer on Ryan Braun


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Beer cup catch gone bad for Ryan Braun 😳

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Now this might sounds hypocritical because I think Barry Bonds should be in the hall of fame. Roids or no roids Barry B was and always will be one of the best ball players of all time. However fuck Ryan Braun and both his use of steroids and trying to blame the sample collector only to come clean soon after, also his tainted MVP season.

It is absolutley hilarious to go for a cup catch and just end up dumping your 9 dollar beer on Ryan Braun. Give that man season tickets just to dump beer on left fielders. Guess it’s that time of the year as a Mets fan this is one of our best highlights.


The NFL Draft Takes Way too Damn Long


Three days is way to long for a seven round draft. I get why they do round one the way they do and make a big production out of it. But let’s move it along, this should be a one day thing. No one in their right mind is watching round 4-7 on Saturday, if you do you are a psychopath.

I love football and I love my team and I love watching draft highlights and paying attention to prospects but let’s be honest after the first couple of rounds it’s a crap shoot. Brady was a 6th rounder, Priest Holmes was undrafted, John Randle went undrafted none of these GMs know what they are doing. Baseball gets 40 rounds done in 3 days theres no reason for 7 rounds to take 3 days. Granted in baseball you are throwing darts at a wall but football is the same thing with how many 4th rounders becomes all pros.

There is no reason what so ever for each pick to take five minutes. These GMs and Coaches have been studying these college players for months they knew who they wanted to pick before the combine even happened. Let’s get this show on the road, your pick still probably wont work out.

(Edit) Each team has 10 minutes for each pick which is even more ridiculous. It will take over an hour to get to the 6th pick. At this rate the first round of the draft will take longer than an actual NFL game.

Atleast do rounds 1-3 day one and do rounds 4-7 day two. Only doing one round on Thursday is overkill for TV ratings. If your team has an early pick wouldn’t it be so much better to see your first two prospects? How many people even turn into day two? How many people even watch day one instead of the playoff basketball and playoff hockey we have. Or does everyone just check online when it’s all said and done.


Game 7s are the Best Thing in Sports


Nothing compares to the excitement and intensity of a Game 7. Everyone is tired, everyone knows how much this means and no one wants to go home after battling for two weeks. Obviously every NFL playoff game is go or go home but theres something different about playing the same team 7 times in a row. Thing get chippy things become personal after battling the same guy over and over again. For those three periods or those four quarters or those nine innings nothing else matters.

Then sometimes we get blessed with first round Game 7s, three of them in the NHL this year and I couldn’t imagine the thought of winning and being on such a high just to realize you’ve got three more rounds of this shit. If you dont win tonight the last seven months and 82 games mean absolutely nothing.

I know theres logistics that dont make sense and health concerns but maybe the NFL should look into a 3 game series system. It would mean more profit for the teams and the leagues which, at the end of the day is all that really matters. Playoff golf is incredible but it’s less about you and your opponent and still you against the course which is fine, playoff golf is always exciting. But nothing compares to the agony of defeat or the triumph of victory after two weeks of battle. I would argue getting swept four to nothing is better than losing a game seven. Those go down in history, they cut deep, atleast getting swept means you never had a chance. Losing a game seven changes a man.

Give me all the game sevens.


Baseball is Gonna be Fun Again


Vlad Jr. is finally getting called up and I am fully erect. Even as a Mets fan having Amed Rosario as a top prospect and him getting called up was exciting, but I dont know if anyone outside of Ken Griffey Jr compares to the hype for Vlad Jr. Nothing in this world has mashed more taters by the age of 20 except a kitchenaide mixer. This kid is appointment television and the Blue Jay’s will still find a way to mess up.

There is some weather that could interfere with the Tuesday debut plans but we are now closer than we’ve ever been to seeing Vlad Jr swing lumber in the big leagues. Inject it into my veins! First moonshot that gets hit moves him into the top five jersey sales without a doubt.


Baseball Was Old and Grouchy Again


New rule this year, if both benches clear and no one throws a punch both teams automatically lose. What a waste of time “you did a thing and I didnt like it but I’m not angry enough about it to throw hands.”

This take comes from today’s Royals, White Sox game, Tim Anderson mashed a tater and celebrated towards his own dugout. Which obviously meant he was gonna get beaned cause the Brad Keller got his feelings hurt. Then the benches cleared for just a screaming match that saw several ejections and then they both went back to their homes and resumed the game. IF YOU DONT WANT ME TO HIT HOMERUNS, DONT THROW BEACHBALLS DOWN THE CENTER OF THE PLATE.

Atleast when Yasiel Puig pimped his dinger he was ready to fight the entire Pirates organization by himself. Everytime Baseball tries to be interesting and fun to watch the “unwritten rules” rear their ugly head and shut that shit down.

How disappointing does it have to be to be a bullpen pitcher and have to go run to the diamond just for it to be two teams yelling at eachother?