The Best Part of Dover


This ones more of a personal tale of nostalgia and happiness. I’m originally from Delaware, grew up about 40 minutes from the racetrack. Which obviously meant my mother and I went to every race we could, had season tickets as long as we lived out there.

For me the best part of Dover was that the truck race is mid day on a Friday. It not only kicked off the weekend it also meant I got pulled out of school early while everyone else learned, like NERDS. There is no grin like the shit eating grin of a seven year old that knows hes at school for only a couple hours before making the pilgrimage to the racetrack.

Second best part of Dover is Helen’s, a hole in the wall sausage house. It may be smaller than some two bedroom homes but it’s a staple for the weekend. It has recieved numerous awards including Food Networks Best Breakfast in the State. On a good weekend you stop there three times, they sell out of food too quick some days.

Since the May Race has all three major series in attendence there isnt much time there arent cars on track. You wake up in the morning to the sound of practice go to the race midday and go to sleep at night to sound of partying drunks. Honorable mention- Miles the Monster.

Take me home.




I have never once seen a more Mets win. Noah Syndergaard took the mound today and pitched an absolute gem. Complete game shutout, 10 punchouts, 2 walks and only 4 hits. Luckily Noah can also rake otherwise this game would have gone to extra innings. What a time for the offense to take a vacation, the Mets have scored one run in the last 19 innings and that was from the pitcher.

Thor also joins Johan Santana and Pete Falcone as the only Mets pitcher to pitch a complete game shutout and hit a dinger. Even more impressive becomes the first pitcher to pitch a 1-0 CGSO and homer since 1983, this feat has only been recorded 7 other times in all of baseball. Who needs no hitters? Not Noah Syndergaard apparently. A win is a win but this series has been ugly, welcome to the dog days of summer Mets fans, even if it’s only May.


Saw that One Coming


Or better yet saw those three goals coming. Good God does it suck to love Liverpool. Messi is a God and he has smighted this team straight back through the earth. One day just maybe one day Liverpool will win the Champions League or the Premier League, not in my lifetime but one day.


Sadly Go Warriors


I hate the Warriors however they deserve everything they have. Beyond Steph Currys dislocated finger and beyond James Hardens poked eye, the Warriors are simply better. Exactly why they should dominate this series.

I dont feel bad for the Rockets, you want to appeal last years game seven? Cool, they missed 81 calls? Yall tripping. Just because James Harden jumps to conclusions everytime he shoots doesnt mean he got fouled. Stop flopping and just win the game. Those Kobe, Shap chamionshops didnt care about fouls, they just went out and won by 20 every game. One foul can’t change your game when you’re dominating, just a fun fact. Same thing in any other sport, one missed holding call cant ruin your game when you’re winning by 14. My main verdict is dont rely on the refs to win you the game, rely on yourself.


Kyle Lowry is an Imbecile


I cant blame this entire loss on Kyle Lowry since Drake was in attendance but what the fuck are you doing?

I like a fancy play, I like a no look pass but this the playoffs. Why did Kyle Lowry even have the ball after hes proven over and over again he is not a playoff player. Why was this ball not is Kawhi Leonard’s hands? Nick Nurse we need answers. This is for Rucker park not the NBA playoffs, if the Raptors lose this series I imagine Kyle Lowry is getting shipped out immediately. What else could you expect from a man that had a zero point outing in the first round of the playoffs? Toronto could have been up 2-0 going to Philly, instead now Philly has homecourt and in my opinion is favored to win this series. What an absolute jabroni.


Always Dumb Beer on Ryan Braun


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Beer cup catch gone bad for Ryan Braun 😳

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Now this might sounds hypocritical because I think Barry Bonds should be in the hall of fame. Roids or no roids Barry B was and always will be one of the best ball players of all time. However fuck Ryan Braun and both his use of steroids and trying to blame the sample collector only to come clean soon after, also his tainted MVP season.

It is absolutley hilarious to go for a cup catch and just end up dumping your 9 dollar beer on Ryan Braun. Give that man season tickets just to dump beer on left fielders. Guess it’s that time of the year as a Mets fan this is one of our best highlights.


Geico 500 Recap


This was in my opinion a very entertaining Superspeedway race, lots of passing lots of side by side pack racing. Whereas in years past its been a lot of single file racing and the leader could control the entire race. However I cant stand a race where someone doesn’t go for the win just cause their teammate is in front of them or they drive the same manufacturer.

Apparently the representatives from Chevy, Ford and Toyota came down and had a meeting with their drivers and said no matter what do not push another manufacturer to the victory. Which is all fun and games for probably the first 150 laps, work with your factory teammates but once it comes down to trophy time its every man for themselves. I do not care if you are driving a mini-van, a 747, or a dump truck if following you gives me the best chance to win then lead the way. No one except Alex Bowman knows whether or not he would have made a move on Chase Elliott since the caution was thrown on the last lap but after your spotter tells you someone is spinning behind you, you gotta go for it. Never in a million years could you have told Dale Earnhardt or Darrell Waltrip he couldn’t pass someone cause they drove the same manufacturer. Good win for Chase Elliott though, this will go a long way toward him winning another Most Popular Driver Award and locks him into the playoffs.

For the most part this was a really calm Talladega race, no real “Big one” just a few 4 car wrecks including one on the final lap. Which made for some really good racing. Surprise racing is better when there are 25 guys in the mix instead of 12 cars that are barely held together with duct tape. We almost made it a full Talladega race without a flip but luckily Kyle Larson kept the tradition.

All in all I like this Superspeedway package moving forward, the car can get big runs but can handle just well enough that incidental contact doesn’t take out half the field. The Chevrolets showed speed and actually won a race this year, taking 7 of the top 10 spots. Daniel Hemric finally added another good finish to his rookie year and even Corey Lajoie brought the 32 car home in eleventh. Heads up for Nascar going to the quickie caution to give us the most regulation racing possible. Just goes to show you, Superspeedways are the great equalizer. Next week we head to my home track the Monster Mile in Dover Delaware where I expect Kyle Busch to resume his dominance.