Digital Ally 400 Gambling/ Fantasy Picks


Where going back to Kansas Toto, who can win one for Mom this weekend?

Pick #1- Kevin Harick 13/2 odds. He is starting on the pole, has been bad fast all weekend and won this race last year. I think it’s time for the 4 machine to get its first win of the season.

Pick #2 Kyle Busch 7/2 odds. His last 8 races at Kansas have an average finish of 5th including a win and still he has been the most consistent driver all year. Looking to break the all time top 10 streak to start a season

Pick #3 Clint Bowyer 20/1 odds. Home track time, Clint hasn’t been outside the top three in speed at all this week and the Stewart Haas cars locked out the first two rows, safe to say they’ve got speed.

Pick #4 Joey Logano 15/2 odds. Two wins, 7 top 5s and he has been a force at every 1.5 mile track we’ve gone to. Truthfully everywhere they’ve gone this year hes been the cream of the crop so look for the Penske team to be upfront after stage 1.

Pick #5 Alex Bowman 40/1 odds, my underdog pick. Coming off back to back second place finishes and having top 10 speed in all sessions this weekend makes you think maybe this team has figured something out and soon Alex is gonna break into that win column. In 3 starts in good equipment hes parked it inside the top 10 twice so it’s not like he doesnt know what hes doing in Kansas.

The Stewart Haas cars are fast, Hendrick seems to have found speed for the whole team, Ganassi should have both cars in the top 10 and Gibbs is still Gibbs. This is most likely the closest we’ve seen the entire competition all year and it looks to make a great Saturday night of racing in the Sunflower State.


I Love Bunts


We need to make bunts great again, not just for the sacrifice to move your man over but for the free bag. For the on base percentage for the agony of a pitcher who just got his pitch squared up to the tune of 17 mph and can do nothing but watch.

Granted it’s mostly only for the power hitting lefty or the surprising speedster but goddamn is it so satisfying to watch. Kyle Schwarber is batting .818 lifetime when attempting to bunt. It’s a free base, literally. Maybe Chris Davis and Joey Gallo could learn something, Matt Olson did.

I know that where Joey Gallo plans on hitting the ball the shift cant stop that but at the same time how much does boom or bust hurt his team. First player to ever hit 100 dingers before 100 singles is incredible but if you’re down 4 runs a solo moon shot doesnt help your team a ton. Hitting is hard, bunting is hard but you cant tell me with three tries as a professional ball player you cant put the ball in this space.

Call me old school but I dont think eliminating one third of the field is a great move when it’s this hard to get hits in the league. THERE ARE 5 RIGHT FIELDERS.


What the Hell just Happened


Somehow Liverpool is advancing to the Champions League final for a second straight year. My eyes almost cant comprehend what just happened at Anfield. This may be the greatest comeback of all time. Look at this loser.

I almost didnt turn this game on knowing LFC were down 3-0 on the aggregate but holy shit I’m glad I tuned in. Scoring 7 minutes in gets you excited but two more goals just to go to extra time seems impossible. But Liverpool simply outplayed Barcelona in every aspect of the game. There were times where Pique looked lost and times you forgot Vidal was on the pitch and Barca again turned into the if Messi doesnt do it no one will show. Trent Alexander Arnold was a bigger force tonight than Messi and I dont know who could have seen that coming. You can get caught sleeping in the Chamions League semifinals.

No Firmino, no Salah and a 4-0 win, this is like the Patriots 28-3 comeback except they didnt have Tom Brady. I dont care if you love Manchester United or Barcelona an entire stadium of fans singing You’ll Never Walk Alone is the best thing in sports.


A Race Fit for a Monday


11 cars on the lead lap, second place nearly half a lap behind. What a boring race. Dover has been known to be hit or miss with the racing but when the package takes away the difficulty of driving the track we end up with this. I am terrified to see what Darlington looks like.

Its also a bad look for Nascar when the cars that finish first and second failed pre race inspection multiple times. Nascar has always been about pushing the boundries and operating the in the gray area but you should get punished if you get caught or arent within certain specifications. Instead you win and move on to the next week. Good on Martin Truex for winning two of the last three and good on Alex Bowman for finishing second two weeks in a row.

The cars are on rails and the racing is suffering because of it. Corner speeds dont matter if theres no consequence to pushing your limits in the turns. If it isnt a stage caution there would be no stopping these cars. I’m not saying wrecks make races but when the Xfinity car is harder to drive than the premier cup car that’s a problem. The highlights of the race were pit stops and that’s a race worthy of a monday.


Tobias Harris is a Stinker


As the Raptors tie up the series at 2-2 with the 76ers the glaring part of this game is surprising. Sadly it wasnt Kawhi’s 39 point completely dominant performance. Rather it was how bad the Sixers were, mainly Tobias Harris. But real quick look how cold Kawhi is.

The Sixers are a puzzle that when you complete it you realize you used all the pieces, it’s the shape it’s supposed to be but it doesnt look like the picture on the box. Joel Embiid had a poor performance, yes you can say well he was under the weather but this is a generation of ball players that were spoon fed the flu game. Someone that will more than likely come in the top five of MVP voting cant put up 7 points in a playoff game. The Sixers will never win a game in which Ben Simmons outscores Joel. I think playing Boban instead of a 30% Joel Embiid wins this game, instead the series is tied and the Raptors regain home court.

For Tobias Harris to have this bad of a shot chart is criminal.

7 for 23 from the field and 2 from 13 from three is atrocious. This man needs to have his fingers broken, this is a 76ers playoff record for most missed 3 pointers. I get the law of averages and anybody can heat up but after 2-8 you didnt think “shit I might not have it tonight?” Nope its Toby time. Landry Shamet probably makes those shots. Everybody has bad games but it’s the playoffs and you are a rental you either have your bad games in the regular season or you have a bad game when everyone else goes off. Well guess what you were the guy that needed to go off. Jimmy Butler is out here showing hes a man, he can go get a max anywhere in the league next year, while Tobias is playing himself into a max from the Suns or the Cavs.

This also goes to show you just how useless a star that cant shoot is. No matter how good a team you build around Ben if he cant sink anything from outside the lane hes useless. Being a playmaker is great, it worked for Rondo for years and then even he learned to shoot. I’m glad Ben is a good finisher and passer but when Marc Gasol and Ibaka are on the floor you arent getting to the lane. Teams can play 4 on 5 against Ben and it is going to hold the 76ers back until the end of time.


Gander RV 400 Gambling/ Fantasy Picks


Who can survive the concrete jungle and become victorious at the Monster Mile? With new track records being set it is bound to be both a fast and exciting race but also has potential to be a battle of attrition. One car spins and the straightaway becomes a pinball machine spitting stockcars out at will.

Pick #1 Chase Elliott, 12-1. He won here last year, coming off momentum from winning last week and sitting on the pole setting the new track record.

Pick #2 Kyle Larson 20-1. Average finish of 8th at Dover, two second places finishes and top 5 speed in practice and qualifying. Look for this to be the week for Larson to turn his season around.

Pick #3 Kevin Harvick 4-1. Kevin has two Dover wins one of them coming in the spring race last year, 16 top ten’s in his career. By this time last year Harvick already had three wins and has none this year so I think hes hungry.

Pick #4 Jimmie Johnson 20-1. Pretty obvious pick here even if he hasn’t been up to his expectations the last two years hes made progress all year. Fastest in second practice, just outside of the top 10 in qualifying but the important numbers are 11 wins, 17 top fives, 24 top 10s no one has ever raced the Monster Mile better than JJ.

Pick #5 Martin Truex Jr. 8-1. Two wins at Dover and top 4 finishes in four of the last five races there. He won the last race that was under 1.5 miles at Richmond and was second fastest in second practice.

Underdog pick #6 Daniel Suarez 50-1. His performance in Stewart Haas has been better up to this point than it was at Gibbs and in four starts at Dover hes never finished outside the top 10. Maybe it’s the weekend for Daniel’s first win.

Sundays race is almost garunteed to be cancelled because of weather however that doesnt really change or affect my picks when the race actually happens on monday.


It’s Called Smear the Queer


Politically correct culture has gone too far. I respect everyone’s identities and what they chose to be or chose to do but leave backyard bullshit football alone. The game where you throw it up and one person catches it and then it’s an all out war to get that ball back is called smear the queer.

Not kill the man with the ball, not get down mr president, I can let pigslaughter fly even though our culture cant. How is murder more politically correct than being gay? Or how is shooting at the president more okay than saying queer? I’m just a little lost is all.

What’s next kids cant play jackpot because it promotes gamblings? Catching a mystery box that ends up being bubble gum sounds alot like throwing dice and not wanting snake eyes. Let kids be kids stop trying make the bubble they are in fit your adult bubble. Obviously dont let your children be racially insensitive or actually be little dickheads but for the love of childhood let them be kids.

Honorable mentions are “cream the carrier” which sounds like a porno, and “choke the bloke” which sounds like beating your dick. Maybe smear the queer is the most politically correct thing to say.