I Love Bunts


We need to make bunts great again, not just for the sacrifice to move your man over but for the free bag. For the on base percentage for the agony of a pitcher who just got his pitch squared up to the tune of 17 mph and can do nothing but watch.

Granted it’s mostly only for the power hitting lefty or the surprising speedster but goddamn is it so satisfying to watch. Kyle Schwarber is batting .818 lifetime when attempting to bunt. It’s a free base, literally. Maybe Chris Davis and Joey Gallo could learn something, Matt Olson did.

I know that where Joey Gallo plans on hitting the ball the shift cant stop that but at the same time how much does boom or bust hurt his team. First player to ever hit 100 dingers before 100 singles is incredible but if you’re down 4 runs a solo moon shot doesnt help your team a ton. Hitting is hard, bunting is hard but you cant tell me with three tries as a professional ball player you cant put the ball in this space.

Call me old school but I dont think eliminating one third of the field is a great move when it’s this hard to get hits in the league. THERE ARE 5 RIGHT FIELDERS.


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