What the Hell just Happened


Somehow Liverpool is advancing to the Champions League final for a second straight year. My eyes almost cant comprehend what just happened at Anfield. This may be the greatest comeback of all time. Look at this loser.

I almost didnt turn this game on knowing LFC were down 3-0 on the aggregate but holy shit I’m glad I tuned in. Scoring 7 minutes in gets you excited but two more goals just to go to extra time seems impossible. But Liverpool simply outplayed Barcelona in every aspect of the game. There were times where Pique looked lost and times you forgot Vidal was on the pitch and Barca again turned into the if Messi doesnt do it no one will show. Trent Alexander Arnold was a bigger force tonight than Messi and I dont know who could have seen that coming. You can get caught sleeping in the Chamions League semifinals.

No Firmino, no Salah and a 4-0 win, this is like the Patriots 28-3 comeback except they didnt have Tom Brady. I dont care if you love Manchester United or Barcelona an entire stadium of fans singing You’ll Never Walk Alone is the best thing in sports.


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