A Race Fit for a Monday


11 cars on the lead lap, second place nearly half a lap behind. What a boring race. Dover has been known to be hit or miss with the racing but when the package takes away the difficulty of driving the track we end up with this. I am terrified to see what Darlington looks like.

Its also a bad look for Nascar when the cars that finish first and second failed pre race inspection multiple times. Nascar has always been about pushing the boundries and operating the in the gray area but you should get punished if you get caught or arent within certain specifications. Instead you win and move on to the next week. Good on Martin Truex for winning two of the last three and good on Alex Bowman for finishing second two weeks in a row.

The cars are on rails and the racing is suffering because of it. Corner speeds dont matter if theres no consequence to pushing your limits in the turns. If it isnt a stage caution there would be no stopping these cars. I’m not saying wrecks make races but when the Xfinity car is harder to drive than the premier cup car that’s a problem. The highlights of the race were pit stops and that’s a race worthy of a monday.


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