Tobias Harris is a Stinker


As the Raptors tie up the series at 2-2 with the 76ers the glaring part of this game is surprising. Sadly it wasnt Kawhi’s 39 point completely dominant performance. Rather it was how bad the Sixers were, mainly Tobias Harris. But real quick look how cold Kawhi is.

The Sixers are a puzzle that when you complete it you realize you used all the pieces, it’s the shape it’s supposed to be but it doesnt look like the picture on the box. Joel Embiid had a poor performance, yes you can say well he was under the weather but this is a generation of ball players that were spoon fed the flu game. Someone that will more than likely come in the top five of MVP voting cant put up 7 points in a playoff game. The Sixers will never win a game in which Ben Simmons outscores Joel. I think playing Boban instead of a 30% Joel Embiid wins this game, instead the series is tied and the Raptors regain home court.

For Tobias Harris to have this bad of a shot chart is criminal.

7 for 23 from the field and 2 from 13 from three is atrocious. This man needs to have his fingers broken, this is a 76ers playoff record for most missed 3 pointers. I get the law of averages and anybody can heat up but after 2-8 you didnt think “shit I might not have it tonight?” Nope its Toby time. Landry Shamet probably makes those shots. Everybody has bad games but it’s the playoffs and you are a rental you either have your bad games in the regular season or you have a bad game when everyone else goes off. Well guess what you were the guy that needed to go off. Jimmy Butler is out here showing hes a man, he can go get a max anywhere in the league next year, while Tobias is playing himself into a max from the Suns or the Cavs.

This also goes to show you just how useless a star that cant shoot is. No matter how good a team you build around Ben if he cant sink anything from outside the lane hes useless. Being a playmaker is great, it worked for Rondo for years and then even he learned to shoot. I’m glad Ben is a good finisher and passer but when Marc Gasol and Ibaka are on the floor you arent getting to the lane. Teams can play 4 on 5 against Ben and it is going to hold the 76ers back until the end of time.


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