The Best Part of Dover


This ones more of a personal tale of nostalgia and happiness. I’m originally from Delaware, grew up about 40 minutes from the racetrack. Which obviously meant my mother and I went to every race we could, had season tickets as long as we lived out there.

For me the best part of Dover was that the truck race is mid day on a Friday. It not only kicked off the weekend it also meant I got pulled out of school early while everyone else learned, like NERDS. There is no grin like the shit eating grin of a seven year old that knows hes at school for only a couple hours before making the pilgrimage to the racetrack.

Second best part of Dover is Helen’s, a hole in the wall sausage house. It may be smaller than some two bedroom homes but it’s a staple for the weekend. It has recieved numerous awards including Food Networks Best Breakfast in the State. On a good weekend you stop there three times, they sell out of food too quick some days.

Since the May Race has all three major series in attendence there isnt much time there arent cars on track. You wake up in the morning to the sound of practice go to the race midday and go to sleep at night to sound of partying drunks. Honorable mention- Miles the Monster.

Take me home.


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