It’s Called Smear the Queer


Politically correct culture has gone too far. I respect everyone’s identities and what they chose to be or chose to do but leave backyard bullshit football alone. The game where you throw it up and one person catches it and then it’s an all out war to get that ball back is called smear the queer.

Not kill the man with the ball, not get down mr president, I can let pigslaughter fly even though our culture cant. How is murder more politically correct than being gay? Or how is shooting at the president more okay than saying queer? I’m just a little lost is all.

What’s next kids cant play jackpot because it promotes gamblings? Catching a mystery box that ends up being bubble gum sounds alot like throwing dice and not wanting snake eyes. Let kids be kids stop trying make the bubble they are in fit your adult bubble. Obviously dont let your children be racially insensitive or actually be little dickheads but for the love of childhood let them be kids.

Honorable mentions are “cream the carrier” which sounds like a porno, and “choke the bloke” which sounds like beating your dick. Maybe smear the queer is the most politically correct thing to say.


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