Sadly Go Warriors


I hate the Warriors however they deserve everything they have. Beyond Steph Currys dislocated finger and beyond James Hardens poked eye, the Warriors are simply better. Exactly why they should dominate this series.

I dont feel bad for the Rockets, you want to appeal last years game seven? Cool, they missed 81 calls? Yall tripping. Just because James Harden jumps to conclusions everytime he shoots doesnt mean he got fouled. Stop flopping and just win the game. Those Kobe, Shap chamionshops didnt care about fouls, they just went out and won by 20 every game. One foul can’t change your game when you’re dominating, just a fun fact. Same thing in any other sport, one missed holding call cant ruin your game when you’re winning by 14. My main verdict is dont rely on the refs to win you the game, rely on yourself.


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