Kyle Lowry is an Imbecile


I cant blame this entire loss on Kyle Lowry since Drake was in attendance but what the fuck are you doing?

I like a fancy play, I like a no look pass but this the playoffs. Why did Kyle Lowry even have the ball after hes proven over and over again he is not a playoff player. Why was this ball not is Kawhi Leonard’s hands? Nick Nurse we need answers. This is for Rucker park not the NBA playoffs, if the Raptors lose this series I imagine Kyle Lowry is getting shipped out immediately. What else could you expect from a man that had a zero point outing in the first round of the playoffs? Toronto could have been up 2-0 going to Philly, instead now Philly has homecourt and in my opinion is favored to win this series. What an absolute jabroni.


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