Does Ryan Pace Think he has Unlimited Draft Picks?


Now I know all GMs move picks around to move up or down or to acquire better players however this man is out of control. Since 2015 he has traded away 25 draft picks of all varieties for only 19 coming back. Now this might not seem like a large setback but most of what we got back outside of Khalil Mack has been pennies on the dollar for all the first round and second round picks we wont see for years.

I’ve learned to trust Ryan Pace with the recent success however it’s all so close to crumbling. Any one of these deals can so quickly turn into the Hershal Walker or Ricky Williams trades. Thank God Mitch Trubisky still has his legs underneath him otherwise we would be level with the Redskins mistakes.

Being a GM in the NFL is hard and your leash is short. Do I think Pace is leasing the future for the chance of winning today? Of course but goddamn I dont want this team to suck for ten years again just for two or three playoff runs. Current Ryan Pace creating problems for future Ryan Pace or whomever replaces him. Atleast he isnt John Elway.


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