The NFL Draft Takes Way too Damn Long


Three days is way to long for a seven round draft. I get why they do round one the way they do and make a big production out of it. But let’s move it along, this should be a one day thing. No one in their right mind is watching round 4-7 on Saturday, if you do you are a psychopath.

I love football and I love my team and I love watching draft highlights and paying attention to prospects but let’s be honest after the first couple of rounds it’s a crap shoot. Brady was a 6th rounder, Priest Holmes was undrafted, John Randle went undrafted none of these GMs know what they are doing. Baseball gets 40 rounds done in 3 days theres no reason for 7 rounds to take 3 days. Granted in baseball you are throwing darts at a wall but football is the same thing with how many 4th rounders becomes all pros.

There is no reason what so ever for each pick to take five minutes. These GMs and Coaches have been studying these college players for months they knew who they wanted to pick before the combine even happened. Let’s get this show on the road, your pick still probably wont work out.

(Edit) Each team has 10 minutes for each pick which is even more ridiculous. It will take over an hour to get to the 6th pick. At this rate the first round of the draft will take longer than an actual NFL game.

Atleast do rounds 1-3 day one and do rounds 4-7 day two. Only doing one round on Thursday is overkill for TV ratings. If your team has an early pick wouldn’t it be so much better to see your first two prospects? How many people even turn into day two? How many people even watch day one instead of the playoff basketball and playoff hockey we have. Or does everyone just check online when it’s all said and done.


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