Bill Elliott Had the Worlds Biggest Cojunes in 1987


In 1987 Bill Elliott set a new speed record in Daytona at 210 Mph. This wasnt good enough for Awesome Bill from Dawsonville since he then later broke his own record at Talledega going 212 Mph. That record still stands to this day since and it should cause that is ludacris speed.

Granted the real reason no one has broken this record is because after this event and the crash that took place on lap 21 with Bobby Allison, Nascar would require the use of restrictor plates on the carburetors to slow the cars down. But the fact that in 1987, with no HANS device, no safer barriers with an open face helmet, Bill was just willing to hold her wide open that entire lap to claim worlds fastest man is insane.

As a matter of fact if you’ve ever wondered why race cars dont have speedometers take it from Buddy Baker.

The last thing you want to know while going 200 Mph is that you are in fact going 200 Mph

Again the level of testicular fortitude it takes to strap into that car and do well over 200 Mph is out of this world. For the first time since 1987, Nascar will visit Dega without restrictor plates. No this isnt going mean new speed records because the cars will still have tapered spacers to reduce horsepower but it feels like a step towards 200. In February at Daytona the top speeds were at 195 for qualifying but with the draft I think we might see some 205 this weekend if not higher. However with those speeds will Nascar slow the cars back down?

It’s a new package, it’s the same old Dega let’s have one hell of a race weekend.


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