Game 7s are the Best Thing in Sports


Nothing compares to the excitement and intensity of a Game 7. Everyone is tired, everyone knows how much this means and no one wants to go home after battling for two weeks. Obviously every NFL playoff game is go or go home but theres something different about playing the same team 7 times in a row. Thing get chippy things become personal after battling the same guy over and over again. For those three periods or those four quarters or those nine innings nothing else matters.

Then sometimes we get blessed with first round Game 7s, three of them in the NHL this year and I couldn’t imagine the thought of winning and being on such a high just to realize you’ve got three more rounds of this shit. If you dont win tonight the last seven months and 82 games mean absolutely nothing.

I know theres logistics that dont make sense and health concerns but maybe the NFL should look into a 3 game series system. It would mean more profit for the teams and the leagues which, at the end of the day is all that really matters. Playoff golf is incredible but it’s less about you and your opponent and still you against the course which is fine, playoff golf is always exciting. But nothing compares to the agony of defeat or the triumph of victory after two weeks of battle. I would argue getting swept four to nothing is better than losing a game seven. Those go down in history, they cut deep, atleast getting swept means you never had a chance. Losing a game seven changes a man.

Give me all the game sevens.


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