Kyler Murray Might Have Pudding Brain


Kyler Murray had the lowest wonderlic scores of the quarterback prospects and this means absolutley nothing. Personally I think the wonderlic is outdated and unnecessary since these scores hardly ever translate to how someone plays.

Keep in mind Dan Marino scored a 16. This test means nothing. The average electrical engineer scores a 30, do I think that is Trace Mcsorleys true calling? No, granted I dont think quarterback is his calling either.

Most people know Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48 and I would say hes had a very pedestrian career but the amount of turd quarterbacks that score high is astounding. Blain Gabbert scored a 42 didnt help much. Not a single Jags fan has ever said “yeah he threw three picks but hes sooooo smart, we got our quarterback.” Sam Braford scored a 36, ever wonder what his knees would have scored?

Just about everything else at the combine makes sense. Guy runs a fast 40 time, means hes probably runs fast. Lineman pumps 42 reps on the bench means hes probably pretty strong. Guy scored 47 on the wonderlic and we are still throwing darts in the dark. I think this test only exsists so that the media has something to talk about right before the draft. Because no other time are these scores talked about, no one says yeah that’s Tom Brady the guy that scored a 33 on the wonderlic, its just Tom Brady the 6 time Super Bowl champ.

This doesnt affect Kyler Murrays draft stock in my opinion, unless he really cant read a playbook. Frank Gore scored a 6 on the test and hes doing just fine. This test is dumb.


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