The Brooklyn Nets are Dead


The Nets are dead and it’s all Jared Dudley’s fault. You cant call out Ben Simmons and say

“a great player in transition, and average in the halfcourt.”

then come out and scored zero points in 17 minutes on the court. Talk about bulletin board material. It obviously worked since Ben Simmons dropped a smooth 31 on 11 of 13 shooting, a not so average performance.

It doesnt help when you lose by 16 at home when the Sixers dont even have their best player on the floor. Perhaps the Sixers should sit Joel Embiid the entire series let him get as healthy as possible before round two. Maybe all this world ever needed was for someone to piss off Ben Simmons, still wont see him shoot a three but if he can do this everynight he wont need to.

It should be said that if the Nets stand any chance of getting to game 6 or even game 7, three starters cant combine for 17 points. The least amount of points three Sixers starts could have scored was 51. That alone can so easily decide each game in this series. Game 4 is on Saturday.


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