Put Some Respect on Ken Jennings’ Name


Theres a new kid on the jeopardy block, breaking some record winning some cold hard stacks but let’s not act like hes the new goat.

This James Holzhauer fella seems like the real deal and is taking a new approach to the game however it’s only been 10 days. Ken did this shit for two and a half months. Jennings almost beat the IBM robot, and has over 2.5 million in winnings, Holzhauer may be on pace to crush that number in half the days but the odds arent in his favor.

Holzhauer already has the second most winnings on the all time list, which means this shit is rare. Let’s also not forget Ken Jennings is the only person to go over 20 days in the shows 35 seasons. Turns out trying to prove you’re the number one big brain, against other big brains is really hard.

The one thing I will give James is he can say he went 40 for 40 which is an incredible flex. You can say you had a triple double or even that you had a 20 and 20 game but nothing sounds better than I had a 40-40 game on jeopardy. Making a 131k in one hour isnt a bad racket either. What a coincidence in what might be Alex Trebeks last season it gets exciting again and has national media attention, real fishy.


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