Is Drake the Worst Curse of All Time?


I don’t even know that this is funny anymore. While attending Wednesday nights Leafs-Bruins game Drake was spotted repping his hometown team Leafs. They should have cancelled the game as soon as someone saw this. Turn the lights off, melt the ice do whatever you gotta do to play this game without him in attendance. The Leafs of course lost this game 6-4 it’s time to ban Drake from sports.

The curse of the Bambino has nothing on Drake. Let’s look at just how bad the rapper is for your team or athlete.

  1. Tonight Leafs lose 6-4
  2. Alabama gets housed by Clemson in the National Chamionship game after he wore a Bama sweater
  3. Picture with Layvin Kurzawa leftback for PSG, next game they get crushed 5-1
  4. Supports Conor McGregor, he gets damn near murdered by Khabib Nurmagomedov
  5. Literally any Kentucky game
  6. The Raptors any playoffs the last six years

It’s gotten so bad AS Roma has banned their players from taking pictures with Drake and I dont blame them. If I owned a team or ran a college program I would pay him not to show up or atleast wear the other teams merch. I would rather have my teams best player be on the cover of Madden than let Drake within two states of where ever my team may be playing.

You cant make this shit up. Keep this man far, far, far away.


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