Is this Liverpools year?


I’ve learned over the years not to start believing in Liverpool before the final whistle but every year I get sucked back in. After firmly handling Porto we set sights on to Barcelona which scares me shitless. Things I dont need to see in my life include watching Luis Suarez carving up his old club, also included watching our super expensive keeper get undressed by Leo Messi or just anything bad happening to Virgil Van Djik. Liverpool came so close to winning the Champions League last year just for Loris Karius to blow chunks all over the field.

We arent just in the semis of the UCL but we are also atop the Premier League with just 4 matches remaining and I’m just trying to figure out how we are going to blow it. Liverpool are the Mets of futbol. Why do I torture myself by loving these teams? I would rather win the Premier League but by some magic they’ll end up with no trophies at the end of the year I can smell it. For the love of all that is holy please dont slip again.


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