Baseball Was Old and Grouchy Again


New rule this year, if both benches clear and no one throws a punch both teams automatically lose. What a waste of time “you did a thing and I didnt like it but I’m not angry enough about it to throw hands.”

This take comes from today’s Royals, White Sox game, Tim Anderson mashed a tater and celebrated towards his own dugout. Which obviously meant he was gonna get beaned cause the Brad Keller got his feelings hurt. Then the benches cleared for just a screaming match that saw several ejections and then they both went back to their homes and resumed the game. IF YOU DONT WANT ME TO HIT HOMERUNS, DONT THROW BEACHBALLS DOWN THE CENTER OF THE PLATE.

Atleast when Yasiel Puig pimped his dinger he was ready to fight the entire Pirates organization by himself. Everytime Baseball tries to be interesting and fun to watch the “unwritten rules” rear their ugly head and shut that shit down.

How disappointing does it have to be to be a bullpen pitcher and have to go run to the diamond just for it to be two teams yelling at eachother?


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