RIP to Boogies Season


The news out of Golden State is that DeMarcus Cousins has more than likely torn his quad and will miss the rest of the playoffs and the Warriors are absolutely….. fine. The blown lead in Game 2 doesn’t matter, losing Boogie doesnt matter the Warriors are still going to roll through this series and the series after and the series after. Boogie may have averaged 16 and 8 on the season but he was a defensive black hole.

This might actually end up making the team play better. Not just for the galvanizing factor of win it for your fallen teammate but for the fact that if you arent KD, Steph or Klay just stand under the bucket and get boards. What a life to live only having to play 32 games this year and still getting a ring. The issue here is by signing for the veteran minimum and getting another serious injury how much will Boogie be worth this summer. I guess we can rule DeMarcus out of Space Jam 2.


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