How to Fix Nascar Qualifying


After alterations just about every week. I have the answers to end Nascars qualifying woes. I understand trying to get more entertainment value out of the session but at what cost to competition? We’ve seen stack ups on pit road and entire sessions not lay down times because no one wants to be the first one off pit road. So I have the solution.

Round of 40 group qualifying, simple with so many cars on track anyone can find the draft they want to and you can honeslty make it to the next round on speed alone.

Round of 24 still group qualifying for most of the same reasons above, it’s still entertaining theres still lots of cars on track it’s still hectic but theres no stand offs.

The big change is in the round of 12. For this we should go to single car qualifying. No stand offs, no drafting, just old school who has the fastest car. This also in a way rewards teams for being in the top 12, your sponsors get their TV time and Nascar still finds a way to shorten qualifying so the network isnt jammed up with programming. Ryan Blaney set a new track record at Bristol and didnt sit on the pole that’s fucked.

I hope Nascar can pull its head of its ass long enough to figure out a creative solution that stops the gridlocks on pit road and still respects the competition. If they really just want TV value then run heat races, if teams dont want to lose cars in the heats or think itll cost too much just dont run them and start in the back. Risk vs reward what all auto racing should be, putting your car on the absolute edge just to get an advantage on Sunday.


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