Life is Better with Tiger Woods


Not just golf but all of life is better with Tiger Woods winning the Masters. This is Tiger’s 15th major win and arguably his most important to prove to everyone hes still got it and that 18 major wins still isn’t out of the picture. Tiger did really well last season, even winning the tour championship however this was his first major in almost ELEVEN YEARS. His last major is damn near growing ball hair. Also his 81st win leaving him one behind Sam Snead, that record is falling soon and I cant wait. All Tiger all the time.

The weather moving up the tee times I think had two big effects on this Masters, for one even though Tiger won I dont think that it will be that memorable because it was over so early in the day which caused less people to watch. On the other hand the weather forcing them to three man pairings I think sealed this for Tiger. I know that all these guys are professionals but you cant tell me that on Sunday if you are in the lead pairing with Tiger Woods the greatest golfer of all time, you aren’t gripping the sticks a little tighter.

Nothing in sports is better than Tiger on Sunday in Red, Jordan was synonymous with the 23, Rip Hamilton has the facemask, Gretzky with the 99. But nothing says I want to do DAMAGE like the Sunday Reds.

Winning the Masters should always be a golfers biggest achievement, the green jacket, the dinner, the media tour, the giant purse. No offense to Patrick Reed but the best thing he got out of winning the Masters last year was putting this green jacket on Tiger this year. Sorry Patrick.


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