Formula 1000


Valterri Bottas narrowly earned the pole award over teamate Lewis Hamilton on Saturday, but come Sunday it wouldn’t last. As the lights went green Hamilton quickly put Bottas in his back pocket, where Valterri would be for the next 56 laps.

The grid couldn’t last a full lap before a melee began. Because what would a Grand Prix be with out a Daniil Kvyat disaster on the opening lap, let alone the one thousandth Formula One GP.

Poor Lando Norris after such a good start to the ear get launched airborne, luckily he would be able to continue and use the rest of the race as a test session. After the Virtual Safety Car was lifted we went back to green conditions and Lewis Hamilton went back to dominating the field.

Outside of the incident on the first lap it was a pretty calm GP on track the real action was on pit road. Ferrari had promised that there was not a clear number one driver on their team after all the promise Charles Leclerc has shown this season but yet the team held him out on old tires twice which would mire him back to 5th place. To me it doesnt seem like a good idea to dick your young talent out of good finishes but here Ferrari stands.

Mercedes would once again finish one-two for the third straight time this year. Pure dominance from the Silver Arrows. I dont think their win was ever in question from Ferrari or Redbull which certaintly looks for another dominant season and more than likely another chamionship for Lewis Hamilton.

The most impressive performance of the weekend came from Alex Albon or crashed in the third practice of the weekend and couldn’t qualify. Miraculously after starting last still finished 10th and still scored chamionship points. I still cant believe the team was able to put the car back together after this contact.

Overall the weekend was a celebration of Formula One’s one thousandth Grand Prix who better to win it than the man that won the nine hundredth grand prix. This was incredibly Lewis’ 75th career win, it is insane to think this man has won almost ten percent of all Formula One GPs and he not even close to finished. Can he catch Schumachers 90?

In two weeks time the traveling circus arrives in Azerbaijan to race at the Baku City Circut. Baku is always one of the great equalizers between the well funded teams and the second tier teams due to the lack of straight aways. As always though two weeks seems too far away.


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