The Toyota Owners 400


What a race. What a finish. What a weekend for racing down in Richmond Virginia. I only got to watch the last 200 laps because I’m at work but they were the most important 200. After at the dust and excitement settled we found a winner.

Martin Truex Jr. gets his first ever win for Joe Gibbs Racing and his first ever win on a short track. Which I personally thought it was ridiculous of Nascar to try to push that story line so hard. Wins are wins nobody is keeping track of how many tries Aric Almirola is at to win at a 1.5 mile track. Truex led 185 of 400 laps so it was a dominant performance even though for that last 60 laps he had Clint Bowyer and Joey Logano breathing down his neck, with Kevin Harvick eventually reaching all 3 drivers.

This was an old school race for the most part and I loved every lap of it, no cautions no debris just the guys and their cars making laps fighting for every position. Now that doesnt come with out faults and problems. I think the racing from 2nd on back was fantastic because the only thing you could call the race for the lead is following. Most of these guys cut their teeth on short track racing and bump and runs yet we saw none of that at a track that is known for moving a guy to get the win. I understand that its early in the season and you dont want to piss racers off unnecessarily but you gotta go get your wins. Only two teams have won all the races this year and this was a big chance for Stewart-Haas but Bowyer just couldn’t pull the trigger and move the leader. Never thought I’d live to see the day where I would say Clint Bowyer didnt have the balls to go win a race but here we are.

On the other side we have the ugly side of what Nascar is in 2019 and that’s the rulebook that I imagine puts phonebooks to shame in its size. On the last round of pit stops between lap 310 and lap 330 we saw over 5 penalties related to pit road, two commitment comes, 2 speeding and man over the wall too early penalty. I know we have rules for reasons and they should be followed but we can do without alot of these and I think alot of these harm the sport. How can a new fan jump into the sport, pick a driver and then with 80 laps to go their drivers day is essentially over because a crew man came over about 8 feet too early? Rule book needs to be thinned down and simplified without truly risking safety. Rules are important but its racing, races should be decided by the racing not the rules.

Truthfully awesome race, you could look anywhere all night and find a better and that’s what its about. The races within the race. Cant beat having four cars under a blanket coming to the checkered.

Tomorrow sucks cause theres no racing and next weekend sucks cause theres no racing. Stupid Easter. Atleast theres the Masters. Go Tiger.


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