Hell Yeah Cole Custer


Let’s list the Xfinity winners so far this year

  • Kyle Busch: 4
  • Christopher Bell: 1
  • Michael Annett: 1
  • Cole Goddamn Custer: 2

What a show from the double zero tonight. Led 122 of 250 laps and just spanked the competition, after the stage break there was no chance he was losing the lead. Oh and dont forget that beautiful 100,000 dollar check, my guess is Cole and the team are gonna have a gooooooooooood night.

Stewart-Haas and Joe Gibbs racing are going to have good problems to have next year. Both have four good drivers and four filled seats but both have guys chomping at the bit to go race with the big boys. Theres no denying Christopher Bell to the Cup series and if Cole can keep this up hes gonna find himself a ride too.

My only gripe with Cole is how badly he wanted the rain.

“It was so frustrating. They kept telling me it was 20 laps away,” Custer said of the rain.

I get it you want the easy win but fuck bud. You’ve lead 90 laps at this point you’ve got a 1.5 second lead just go win the thing, drive your ass off win the race at its distance. I dont know if I’ve never heard of a pitcher who’s throwing 7 perfect innings praying for rain in the bottom of the 8th so he can take the short win.

Closing note: if you are a Nascar fan that’s bitching about the crowd on T.V. either realize it was going to rain at any point in time after Cup qualifying or get off your ass and go to the track. As if baseball and football crowds dont suffer from weather let alone AAA ball.


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